Cures Creation Fund

We bring cures to patients by creating innovative biotech platform companies.

We are not conventional venture capitalists. We are not waiting on the sidelines for someone to come to us with an idea, asking for capital. We are not following trends, and we don’t invest in the hype.

What we do is simple. We bring cures to patients. How we do it is not. Simply put, we create biotechnology companies in-house based on platform technologies we develop. Each of these bioplatform technologies can bring multiple curative treatments to patients. Imagine the next-gen of monoclonal antibodies, mRNA, CAR-T, or gene therapy, and you will find us there.

We are trailblazers venturing outside the beaten path on the conviction that the biggest opportunities are out there for the unafraid risk-taker. We systematically approach this journey while leveraging the fundamental asymmetry embedded in biotechnology’s business model: winners-take-all. We are exploring multiple potential curative technologies with high-risk/low-cost investments at our Cures Creation Labs and doubling down to the successes by heavily investing to guarantee that they will reach their full potential.

We are an accomplished team of biotech entrepreneurs, investors, physicians, scientists, and engineers with a track record in founding successful biotech companies and leading drug development programs.

With offices and labs located in Boston and Zurich, we leverage the major U.S. and E.U. biotechnology hubs to build the next generation of biotechnology companies.

As physicians, we know how it feels to have nothing to offer to help your patient. As drug developers, we face the limitations of available technologies. As investors, we recognize the opportunity. At Cures Creation Fund, we build companies that develop cures for patients while offering unparalleled returns to our investors.

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